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Mirael Farm is an indigenous farm with very high capability and sophisticated techniques with transformational platform: horticulture, marine and aquaculture in the area of agriculture, for cocoa, palm, rubber, rice, cassava, mango, pineapple, and corn farming, pearl and banana farming. Palm tree seeding, palm oil and palm kernel oil production are also part of the company undertaken activities. Mirael Farm Services is becoming leading producer of farm Tilapia and Cat Fish in the country and making available various other types of vegetables.

Mirael farm had been in business for over a decade. Its core business areas are agriculture farming, fruits and vegetable export, trading in wholesale and retail, food processing and spice grinding. In the recent past, we have embraced change and welcomed like-minded individuals and corporations to become investment partners, joint venture partners and collaborators to expand our operations and expand to a larger customer base with global presence.

Mirael farm has risen to become a leading exporter of fresh agricultural products from Liberia. The company is well noted for production of farm produce in large quantities to feed the Africa and international markets. The company possesses a wide range of products that includes Palm, Cocoa, coffee, orange, mangoes both local and exotic products.

Animal husbandry is another major sector Mirael Farms embraces as part of its farming adventures. The company produces, large quantity chicken, livestock. The livestocks are not restricted to the production of meat, but milk and wool are also major extracts from the animal husbandry.

The products are grown to meet international standards and fit for domestic consumption.

Mirael farmers are sourced from well-experienced group of farmers who acquired relevant skills and training associated with their discipline so as to meet production for international standard.

Why Buy From Us?

At Mirael Farms, we value and respect our clients, thereby serving and putting smiles on their faces which keeps us leading and growing.

Mirael Farms a rapidly growing multi agricultural enterprise in Liberia started as a small farm.  Through dedicated service, the farm has now developed dramatically and is now known to be one of the biggest farms in Liberia.

As the years progressed, more agricultural enterprises were added to the industry.  These included fish farming, crops (mango, citrus, plantain, cassava and maize) and ruminant rearing. Presently the company has spread its tentacles and has a wide of enterprises works as well.

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