The Delight in Animal Farming

Mirael takes delight in animal farming on large scale


For the harvesting of eggs, chicken meat and baby chicks, our farms have in large scale layers that go through all the necessary health requirement before leaving for the market. Mirael Farms employed expects and veterinary officers that regularly examine the chicken farm. High level balanced diets are served on the farm daily to make the chicks look healthy.

Livestock are very outstanding in terms of health, wait, size and other qualities. As in the case of the chicks, the livestock are not left in the hands of the herdsmen but are regularly immune to withstand diseases and sicknesses whiles grassing. In the event that an ailment is detected in any livestock, such animal is isolated from others to avoid the spread of infections. The goats, sheep and cattle have their own pen to allow grouping and proper exercising. Veterinary officers are always on the field with the herdsmen to maintain the wellbeing of the flocks.

Grass Cutters and Rabit are reared 100% for the meat, and they have to grow well and healthy in other to be profitable. Mirael farms boast of a large colony of grasscutters and hutches of rabits.

Tilapia and Catfish are examples of aquaculture farming on our farms. Tilapia and catfish are delicacy in the world. We have vast land and suburbs of streams dedicated for Tilapia and Catfish. Our catfish and Tilapia are not fed with abnormal fertilizers so that grow quickly to appease customers but are reared in a natural environment to meet the natural taste.

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