Cash Crop

We Export Cash Crops Worldwide

Crash crops are essential products from our farms. We Mirael takes delight in wholesale production of cash crops for export


Cocoa beans from our farms are of international standard and are exported in large quantities. Local Companies are also supplied with cocoa products for the production of Cocoa powder of coating sugar, Cocoa shells husks skins and Cocoa butter fat & oil, Milo, chocolate etc.


Coffee beans are another product from our farms. As Coffee tea is becoming a delicacy in Liberia and other parts of Africa, Mirael has invested heavily in the production of coffee which has brought international recognition to the farm.  Mirael Coffee products are very much seen on the international market in large quantities.


Sugar Cane is the main source of different varieties of sugar sold across the globe. We invested in the production of White Transparent, Georgia Red, Home Green species of Sugarcane

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